call to end violence in philippines on Nov 25

november 25, the international day for elimination of violence against women

poverty and hunger are violence against women

international day to eliminate violence against women - nov 25


Hunger and poverty : these are forms of violence. To be pushed away from your land you have lived on, and worked on for decades, even for generations, to give way to business and commercial interest; to be forced to leave your family and community to find work in a vulnerable situation; to have no choice but to remain in your work as cheap labour, suffering inhumane labour condition. These are forms of violence against women.

519 million people of the 800 million hungry all over the world are from our region. Majority of this are women and girl-children.

This is what 10 years of World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade regime has brought us : more hunger, less natural resources; more conflicts, less peace.

Under WTO, our governments opened our economy and natural resources even more to large commercial interests. Everything now is for profit : our land, our seas, our forests, our labour, our bodies.

On November 25, the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women, let us bring to public attention the different forms of violence against women, particularly hunger and poverty, which provide the condition for more vulnerabilities and violence.

Let us take our governments to task for allowing, and worst, for profiting from these acts of violence against us.

Let us add our voice to the intensifying call for the dismantling of WTO.

On November 25, let our voices be heard through different forms : public discussion, flyers, press release, demonstrations . . . Let us be united in our political calls -

Stop Violence Against Women.

Don't Globalise Hunger. Assert Women's Right to Food and Land.

WTO out of our lives!

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