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Children Say Game Over WTO!
(A Network of Child Rights Advocates and Activists for a Global Action to End Imperialist Plunder)

GAME OVER WTO is a network of children, child rights advocates and activists and child-focused organizations opposed to globalization and the World Trade Organization because of its damaging effect on the lives and rights of children .

GAME OVER WTO was initiated in the Philippines by the Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia (ARCSEA) and Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns (SALINLAHI), resulting from the International Coordination Network (ICN) Meeting in Hong Kong held last February 2005, as part of the preparations for the December People’s Protest Action Week against the 6 th WTO Ministerial Conference, scheduled to take place in Hong Kong, from December 13-18, 2005.

GAME OVER WTO aims to educate, organize and mobilize children and their organizations, organizations working for and with children and its members, child rights advocates and activists against globalization/ WTO and its effects and impacts on children and their families’ lives and human rights. Eventually, to develop a consciousness towards the value of fair global trade that does not impinge on the rights of people and sovereignty of other countries and get everyone involved in the global movement to abolish the WTO.

Secure the Future and Protect our Children from Imperialist Plunder! Junk WTO!


  1. End the victimization of children as objects & casualties of imperialist trade and wars.
  2. Promote the rights and dignity of children through development policies and programs that are rights-based, people-centered and sustainable. Uphold children’s rights to survival and to vital social services of education, health and nutrition for their development, protection and participation.
  3. Stop endangering the world’s children. End the plunder of natural resources, protect the environment and ensure its sustainability for our children and their future.
  4. Uphold the rights and needs of children and their families suffering from oppression and exploitation- peasants, workers, fishermen, small producers, migrant workers, women, and especially children.
  5. Strengthen children’s rights to participate in governance, nation building and democratic processes.
  6. Defend democratic institutions – procedures & processes, and recognize sovereignty and independence of nations and peoples.
  7. Strengthen people’s movements to fight against trade policies that favor MNCs/TNCs and imperialist countries that undermine the freedom, rights and dignity of the people and their children.
  8. Respect the sovereignty of countries in trade and economy. Develop global partnership for development that is based on equality, independence and mutual benefit. Support social & economic measures that promote justice, peace and human development.


  • children’s organizations / clubs
  • child-focused organizations
  • child rights advocates & activists
  • sectoral groups w/ children’s programs
  • human/child rights organizations
  • international organizations working for and with children
  • freedom loving citizens working for and with children (educators, health workers, counselors, social workers, cultural workers, parents, etc..)
  • and especially children


  1. Signify your commitment to participate or become part of the GAME OVER WTO Network by filling up and submitting the registration e-form
  2. Participate in the GAME OVER WTO Forum in Hongkong : “Children in the Face of Globalization: A Forum on the Social Impact of WTO on the Lives of the World’s Children”.
    The forum will be held in HongKong on December 15, 2005. This is an opportunity to understand more about globalization and learn from each country’s experiences in relation to globalization and children. Please e-mail us so we can send you more details. Deadline for registration is on November 15, 2005.
  3. Participate in the International Children’s Day of Solidarity and Action Against Globalization/WTO (ICDSAGWTO) on Dec. 17, 2005 through various activities expressing children and their families’ views and opinions on globalization and the WTO. (See poster *.pdf for details)

    You can do the following activities lined up:
    • kite flying
    • cultural activities (drama, music)
    • lantern parade
    • noise barrage
    • children’s parades
    • other peaceful assemblies involving children and their families

    Register your action/support to the ICDSAGWTO (e-form) or e-mail us at

  4. Join the People’s Protest Action Week on Dec 11-18, 2005 organized by the HongKong People’s Alliance on WTO (HKPAOWTO) . See link to HKPA website. Send your delegation of children and adults and bring your own information and campaign materials. You can download slogans, posters and other campaign materials at
  5. Conduct education activities in your localities/communities to raise awareness on globalization/WTO and organize child rights advocates.
    You can download education guides and modules from our website.
    You can also download game rules and activity modules that you can play with groups of children in your locality / community to raise awareness on globalization / WTO.
  6. Launch campaigns and mobilize protest actions to oppose globalization & the WTO in your areas.
  7. Most importantly, provide useful information to children so they too can be aware and can choose to participate and get involved!
  8. Share this notice to your friends and network so they too can get involved in the GAME OVER WTO!
  9. Send us emails containing contact information of other groups and organizations in your country interested to participate in future actions of GAME OVER WTO!

We encourage you to join us in our cause to end the exploitative globalist policies of the WTO and protect children from death, poverty, abuse and exploitation.
If you are interested to join as a member of the GAME OVER WTO Network or just to participate in any of the activities and forum or simply to learn more about globalization, please contact:

The “Game Over WTO” Campaign Officer
Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia (ARCSEA)

The Secretary General
Salinlahi Foundation, Inc.

For more details please email us at