asia pacific women's village

at WTO MC6, Hong Kong
December 11-18, 2005

Within the decade of the existence of WTO, we have seen unprecedented global actions and peoples events against WTO policies ' Seattle, Doha and Cancun. In between Ministerial Meetings, especially after Cancun, series of international peoples actions were brought in the doorsteps of the WTO headquarters in Geneva.

One of the major gains that is undeniable and incontestable in these actions is the bringing together of peoples and social movements from all over the world, standing on common ground ' a pro-people, fair and just trade.

Unfortunately, Asia Pacific women, particularly from grassroots women have been unable to participate in these actions ' mainly for lack of opportunity and resources. So now that the 6th Ministerial Meeting is right here in Asia, APWLD would like to take this opportunity to bring forth the voices and the faces of Asia Pacific women, particularly the grassroots women, in the global resistance against the unfair trade rules, corporate control of food and natural resources.

Within APWLD, there will be two task forces who are heavily involved in mobilising grassroots women to be part of the food sovereignty campaign, and in actions against WTO and its trade policies. These are Women and Environment (WEN) and Rural and Indigenous Women (RIW) task forces. There are also two other task forces who will have activities within the Global Week of Action against WTO in Hong Kong, and will be sending women activists ' Women's Participation in Political Processes (WPPP) and Labour and Migration (L&M).

There will be a big array of peoples' events organized by different groups within Hong Kong Peoples Alliance (HKPA), as well as those by individual networks, and organizations during the period of the WTO 6th Ministerial Meeting, from 11-18 of December 2005. But as previous experiences of global events like this, most of the workshops, forums, discussions would almost always be in forms, methods and languages that would be alienating / or difficult for grassroots women to participate in. Thus, APWLD would like to create a space for Asia Pacific women, particularly grassroots women ' Asia Pacific Women's Village.

objectives of the Asia Pacific Women's Village
  • To highlight the voice of Asia Pacific women, particularly grassroots women, within the global resistance against WTO and corporate globalisation.
  • To bring together Asia Pacific women, particularly grassroots women, to learn from each other's struggles as marginalised communities, but also as women, in this era of corporate globalisation.
The Asia Pacific Women's Village will serve as a focal point and physical center for women delegates of the different movements coming to Hong Kong and participating in the peoples' actions for the 6th Ministerial Meeting of WTO (December 11-18, 2005). This will also be a space for ideas, sharing and discussions with and among Asia Pacific women.

  • photo exhibit of women's struggles and actions on food sovereignty
  • display of local food and non-food products
  • organic food market
  • scheduled small group discussions on women's issues on food and trade
  • distribution of statements and press release for media
  • display and distribution of campaign materials, publications, videos
  • Women's Tribunal on WTO ' December 16, 2005 (9:00 am ' 3:00 pm)
  • Women's March ' December 16, 2005 (3:30 pm ' 6:00 pm)
  • Asia Pacific Women's Press Briefing ' December 17, 2005 (10:00 ' 11:30 am)
  • Solidarity Night ' December 17, 2005 (7:00 ' 10:00 pm)