About Campaign

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), through its two task forces, Women and Environment (WEN) and Rural and Indigenous Women (RIW), has been advocating women’s rights to food sovereignty.

In recognition that WTO is one of the greatest impediments in the realization of food sovereignty, APWLD and its members are actively involved in anti-WTO campaigns, as well as awareness raising campaigns on globalisation, WTO and women’s rights. However, these links are not that clear, nor have been made with the grassroots women. The sharing of information and analysis have always been a problem – given the language, the limited and limiting opportunities to interact with the others on broader issues. Grassroots women are unfortunately experiencing yet another marginalization, by circumstance, in the international struggle against WTO and globalisation.

This year, more focused campaign actions are planned among the task force members and its networks. The main objective is to put grassroots women in the forefront of the global struggle against corporate control of food and land. This is made more critical as states and corporations have used the war against terror in criminalising grassroots women’s struggle for food, land and other resources.